Friday Lunch Specials!

Happy Friday friends!! Here are the lunch specials for today. have a wonderful weekend!

Turkey Pestini> Smoked turkey served on sourdough bread with pesto mayo, fresh mozzarella, tomato, oregano salt and pepper…$8.95

Ham Salad Toastie> Smoked ham salad served on rye toast with muenster cheese, lettuce, pickles and tomato…$8.95

BBQ Burger> Burger cooked on the flap top with BBQ sauce, smoked gouda cheese, bacon slices, crispy fried onions and shredded lettuce…$10.95

Greek Eggplant Wrap> Breaded fried eggplant served hot on a  spinach wrap with lemon basil aioli, feta cheese, black olives, roasted red peppers and spinach…$9.95


A slice of pumpkin pie….$3.50

A slice of fruit of the forest…..$3.50


Thai Carrot……$4.95/5.95

Beef and Bean Chili…$5.95/$6.95

Creamy Chicken…$4.95/5.95

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