Weds Lunch Specials!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!! Here are the lunch specials for weds. Have a great day!!

The Greek Eggplant> Breaded and fried eggplant slices heated up on a hard roll with lemon aioli, crumbled feta cheese, black olives, onions, tomato and spinach..$9.95

Meatball Grinder> Real Italian meatballs heated up with marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella, provolone, green peppers and onions on a small grinder roll…$10.95

Tuna Bagel> Albacore tuna salad served on your choice of one of our Cohen’s bagels, with mixed greens and pickles….$8.95

Hot Lunch>

Layers of roasted zucchini, summer squash, portabella      mushroom, roasted red & yellow peppers, sautéed spinach, and sundried tomato pesto & herb goat cheese. Served with Roasted red pepper sauce.

$15.95 per pound

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