Wednesday;s Specials

Hi Friends!  Today’s Specials are:

Meatloaf Sandwich>  Meatloaf Served on a Roll with Melted Provolone Cheese, Your Choice of Ketchup or Mayo (Or Both!)  Caramelized Onions, and Tomato….$8.95

Ham Salad Sandwich>  Ham Salad Served on Rye Toast with Red Onions, American Cheese, Baby Mixed Greens, and Pickles….$7.95

Italian Panini>  Sweet Capicola, Boiled Ham, Cooked Salami and Pepperoni Served on a Grilled Grinder Roll with Oil and Vinegar, Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Spread, Banana Peppers, Tomato and Baby Spinach….$8.95

Plain Ol’ Chicken Salad Sandwich>  Chicken Tossed with Mayo and Celery Served on your choice of Bagel with Lettuce, Tomato, and Sprouts….$8.95

Cajun Chicken Burrito>  Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast Served on a Grilled  Wheat Wrap with Baby Mixed Greens, Melted Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Black Olives, Green Peppers, Red Onions and a Sweet Mustard BBQ Sauce…..$8.95


Soups:  Thai Carrot, Vegetarian Split Pea,  Tuscan chicken with Tortellini


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