Thursday’s Specials

Hi Friends!  Today’s Specials are:

Asian Chicken Salad Wrap>  Asian Chicken Salad Served on a Wheat Wrap with Asian Slaw and Marinated Cucumbers….$8.95

Pulled Pork Grinder>  Pulled Pork Butt  tossed in a Maple Chipotle Sauce Served on a Grinder Roll with Pineapple Salsa and Lettuce….$9.95

Smoked Turkey Panini>  Smoked Turkey Breast Served on Grilled Sage Bread with Caramelized Onions, Apricot Jam,  Baby Spinach, Creamy Brie Cheese, and Barlett Pear Slices….$8.95

A slice of assorted quiche….$3.25
Add a cup of soup for $7.95
Pesto Mozzarella Baguette with a cup of soup for $9.95
Soups: Chicken Chili, Vegetable Minestrone, and Chicken Mushroom Barley

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