TGIF!!!!! Friday’s lunch specials are:

A Very French Baguette> Freshly baked buttered baguette with Dijon mustard and layers of ham, Emmentaler cheese, and cornichons. Just like being at market in Paris….$8.95

French Dip Panini> House roasted beef on Naan flatbread with horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, and a side of Au Jus for dipping….$8.95

Fried Fish Sandwich> Beer battered and fried Haddock served on a roll with Cajun tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato….$8.95

Corned Beef Panini> House brine and boiled corned beef served on pumpernickel bread with 1000 island dressing, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese….8.95

Lobster BLAT> Lobster salad served on sourdough toast with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado…$13.95

Cajun Chicken Wrap> Cajun spiced and pan fried chicken breast served on a chipotle wrap with black bean mango salsa, avocado, green onion aioli, shredded lettuce, and melted cheddar cheese…$8.95


Broccoli and Cheddar (vegetarian friendly)  $4.50 / $5.50


Slice of Carrot Cake $2.50

Slice of Pecan Pie $2.50

Have a great day!!

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