Monday’s Special

HI everyone!  Today’s Specials are:

Waldorf Chicken Salad Wrap>Chicken Salad Tossed with Apples and Walnuts Served on a Tomato Wrap with Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce and Avocado…..$8.95

Flank Steak Grinder>  Grilled and Marinated Flank Steak Served on a Grinder Roll with Horseradish Mayo, Bacon, Melted Provolone , Tomato and Lettuce….$9.95

Pepperoll Panini>Lean ground beef, onions, bell peppers, button mushrooms, provolone, cheddar and Parmesan cheese Served on Grilled Naan Bread with BBQ sauce, Melted Cheddar Cheese, Green Peppers and Red Onions…$8.95

Herbed Egg Salad Sandwich>Traditional egg salad with a spin: fresh herbs!!! Served on multi-grain toast with Baby Spinach and tomato….7.95

The Cuban Panini>  Roasted Pork Loin and Smoked Ham Served on a Grilled Grinder Roll with Mayo, Red Onions, Mustard, Bread and Butter Pickles and Melted Swiss Cheese…$8.95

Quiche and a side of Chickpea Edamame Power Salad….$7.95  Or get just a side of the Power Salad for $7.95/lb  YUM!

Soups:  Autumn Beef Stew, Chicken Lemon Drop Soup, and Beef and Bean Chili.

Dessert?  Try out Chocolate Cream Pie or Pumpkin Pie!  $2.00 a Slice!

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