Happy Wednesday!! Today’s specials are:

Hot Meatloaf Grinder> Bacon wrapped meatloaf served hot on a small grinder roll with your choice of mayo or ketchup, red onions, lettuce, tomato, and melted provolone cheese….$8.95

Maple Dijon Chicken Toastie> Maple syrup and Dijon mustard glazed chicken bread served on a toasted roll with caramelized onions, melted Gouda cheese, mayo, and lettuce….$8.95

Cajun Chicken Toastie> Cajun spiced and pan fried chicken breast served on a toasted roll with green onion mayo, avocado, red onions, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato, ….$8.95

Corned Beef Panini> House brine and boiled corned beef served on rye bread with spicy mustard, cole slaw, Muenster cheese, and grilled on the panini press….$8.95

Ham Salad Melt> Smoked ham salad served on sourdough bread with Smoked Gouda cheese, tomatoes, and grilled on the panini press…$7.95


Beef Stew $4.95 / $5.95

Rhode Island Calm Chowder $4.95 / $5.95

Split Pea with Pork $4.50 / $5.50

Beef Minestrone $4.50 / $5.50

Add a slice of ricotta, spinach, mushroom tart to any soup order $4.95


Slice of Lemon Cream or Chocolate Cream Pie $2.95

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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