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The New Hampshire Panini>  Maple Honey Roasted Turkey Breast Served on Grilled Cranberry Walnut Bread with Melted Smoked Gouda Cheese, Red Pear Slices and Red Onions….$8.95

Cajun Toastie>  Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast Served on a Toasted Round Roll with Avocado, Mango Chutney, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato….$8.95

Corned Beef Rueben Sandwich>  House Brined and Boiled Corned Beef Served on Grilled Pumpernickle Bread with 1,000 Dressing, Melted Swiss Cheese and Sauerkraut….$8.95

Ham Salad Crossiant>  Ham Salad Served on a Buttery Crossiant with Pickles and Swiss Cheese…..$7.95

2 Hot Dog Special:…$8.95   The Baltimore Bologna  Dog:  A Freshly Grilled Hot dog Topped with Fried Bologna,  Onions, Relish and Guldens Brown Mustard

The CHIHUAHUA:  A Freshly Grilled Hot Dog Topped with Jalapeno Peppers, Salsa & Cheese

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