Friday’s Specials

Hello Friends!  Today is National Tartar Sauce Day!


Cajun Chicken Wrap>  Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast Served  Warmed on a Tomato Wrap with Guacamole, Melted Pepper jack Cheese, Black bean Mango Salad and Lettuce….$8.95

Smoked Ham Salad Sandwich>  Smoked Ham Salad Served on Wheat Toast with American Cheese, Tomato and Pickle Flavored Potato Chips….$7.95

Meatloaf Panini>  Teresa’s Famous Meatloaf Served on Grilled Grinder Bread with Melted Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Red Onions, BBQ Sauce, and Tomato….$8.95

Chinese Chicken Salad Wrap>  Chicken Salad with Asian Flair Served on a Spinach Wrap with Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Shaved Carrot Sticks,  Crunchy Chinese Noodles, Sliced Water Chestnuts, and Sprouts…$8.95


Fish N Chips Lunch:  A piece of Battered Cod and French Fries.  Served with Lemon Wedges and Tartar Sauce…$8.95


Soups: Classic Tomato Soup, Beef Stew, and Butternut Minestrone with Chickpeas

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