Friday’s Lunch Specials!

Merry Christmas friends!!! Here are the lunch specials for today. We hope you all have a great and safe holiday!!

The store is closing at 3 pm today and we still have extra pies and goodies to bring to your holiday get together!

Croissant Sandwich> Your choice of tarragon chicken salad, curry chicken salad, ham salad or tuna on a croissant with american cheese, lettuce and tomato….$9.95

Hot Lunch:

Assorted Stuffed Breads…..$10.95 a whole $5.95 a half

Spinach Stuffed Bread…$9.95 a whole $4.95 a half

Quiche Lorraine…….$14.95



Vegetable Chili…….$4.95/5.95

Beef Stew…..$7.50/8.50

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