Good Luck Ryan!


You may have missed seeing Chef Ryan’s smiling face around Coffee’s recently.

That’s because he has been recruited to one of six “Chef’s in School’s” positions as part of the Brigaid/New London Schools Farm to Table project.

Ryan has been a fantastic part of our kitchen – we have loved every minute that we have seen him grow and become more and more creative and confident in his wonderful culinary skills which have helped Coffees win a number of recent awards.  There are many brides and grooms out there who have savored his creations on the most important day of their lives.

This was the advert that lured him away:

We’re not just looking for the chef who can cook or develop the fanciest dishes. We’re looking for people who have the ability to lead, inspire, and teach a cafeteria staff without much training. We want chefs who will take time to explain and introduce new foods to students and help them understand why we are preparing them. We want individuals who are so excited about food themselves that their presence alone gets everyone around them excited. We want people that genuinely want to change the way a whole generation of people eats.

We think Ryan fits the bill perfectly and that Copenhagen Restaurant Noma’s former head chef Daniel Giusti is lucky to have him join the Brigaid Team.  We see some Scandanavian recipes in your future Ryan!

To read more about the project click here.


We got a sneak peek of him busy in his new job.

Good Luck Ryan! We’ll all miss you (but don’t worry folks, we are going to hang on to all of his recipes) and watch this space – we are waiting to get some photographs of our new chef Michael … but he hasn’t had a moment to venture out of the kitchen yet!

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