Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Keeping it Local

We have a passion for providing quality products with clean ingredients, unique items and hard to find specialty foods.

Our wide variety of grocery lines features many local, state and regional “Best of Brand” products as well as organic and national brands.

We invite you to join us in pledging to buy 10% of your food and gardening dollars on local produce – and you’ll find plenty here at Coffees – including eggs laid on our own small holding.

Pledge Local - Buy Local - Eat Local


We love to feature our local suppliers in our gourmet-to-go and delicatessen offerings as well as using them as the cornerstone of our corporate, family and wedding catering.

Four Mile River Beef

Four Mile River Farm for Beef

Nunzio and Irene Corsino started Four Mile River Farm in Old Lyme, Connecticut in 1985, raising beef, pigs, and chickens. Although Nunz had a full career as a high school history teacher by day, his background is in raising purebred Jersey show cattle. This instilled in him a high standard in caring for animals, and a love of farming. This matched Irene’s strong love for animals and the land.

For both Nunz and Irene, this small farm life is meaningful and real. It is a source of pride to both that their farm animals are raised in a natural, stress-free way. They keep the number of animals small so that they can maintain a high level of care for each animal.

They are also glad to help keep small farming alive, and provide a source of excellent farm-raised meats for people who want to avoid industrial meat products.

Sankos Beaverbrook Lamb

Sanko’s Beaverbrook for lamb & cheese

Beaver Brook Farm has been home to the Sankow family since 1917. Situated on one hundred and seventy-five acres in Lyme, CT, it was originally worked as a dairy farm. In 1984, Stan and Suzanne Sankow introduced their first sheep, Sherry and Ding, to the farm. In 2002, they re-introduced cattle to the farm. It is now a sheep and cow dairy farm producing goods of the highest quality.

At Beaver Brook Farm, we are committed to preserving the environment. We are proud to bring our products directly from our farm to you, from our sweaters and vests, to our farm-fresh sheep and cow’s milk cheeses.

Upper Pond Farm

Upper Pond Farm for vegetables & greens

Upper Pond is a sustainable vegetable farm on Sill Lane in Old Lyme, and on Beaver Brook Road in Lyme, Connecticut.

We believe in growing fresh, healthy food for our community, free of pesticides and herbicides. We grow edible flowers, microgreens, fresh seasonal vegetables, small fruits and bees on our six acre plot of land adjacent to Upper Mill Pond, and on our 5 acre plot located at New Mercies Farm in Lyme.

At Upper Pond Farm we use ecologically based agricultural practices to manage our landscape holistically.  Improving soil health and structure, along with enhancing biodiversity is a top priority.  The majority of work is done by human power, providing jobs and experience to people rather than tractors. We use tractor or rototiller power for some jobs that are too large for human power, like mowing our 4 acres of meadow seasonally.

Upper Pond Farm focuses on growing fresh annual vegetables, edible flowers, Microgreens, fruits and herbs for local markets, especially Lyme-Old Lyme’s community.  Upper Pond Farm recycles nutrients, encouraging composting on and off farm, to divert landfill waste, reduces purchased inputs and builds resilient systems.  Upper Pond Farm uses preventative methods, building systems that are plant positive to avoid synthetic chemical treatment of disease and pests.

Upper Pond Farm is highly invested in Lyme-Old Lyme’s community.  We feed our community directly.  We also sustain our community by providing the opportunity to connect with the earth and food system.

White Gates Farm

White Gates Farm for eggs, turkeys & vegetables

Ruth Lord purchased White Gate Farm in 1975. In 1999 her daughter and son-in-law, Pauline Lord and David Harlow, moved from California to create the farm business, which has been certified organic since 2000.

White Gate Farm’s mission is to provide healthy, delicious and beautiful food and to strengthen the ties between consumers, their food, and the farms that produce it.

Three of the farm’s acres are now used for growing organic produce, for pasturing organic turkeys,meat chickens and laying hens, and for raising organic flowers.

Salem Valley Icecream

Salem Valley for icecream

Salem Valley ice cream is handmade on our premises just two tubs at a time. This is how we’ve done it since 1988, and will continue to do so.

We use the best ingredients we can find for the flavors we offer, and all candies, nuts, and such are added by hand AFTER the ice cream comes out of the machine. What this means to you is lots of large chunks, not ground up tiny bits.

We don’t add artificial colors, so our mint chocolate chip is white, as is our pistachio. BUT, it’s REAL. And really good!

Some examples of our premium ingredients are we use Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract, 100% pure coffee extract, special dark chocolate chips made to be able to be tasted in ice cream and not freeze like rocks. If a flavor calls for nuts we use lots of REAL nuts.







Annie's Organics

For healthy snacks and kids favorites

In 1989, Annie Withey co-founded Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. with Andrew Martin with the goal of making a healthy and delicious macaroni and cheese for families. She wanted to show by example that a successful business could also be socially responsible. Annie chose Bernie, her pet rabbit, to be the brand’s “Rabbit of Approval,” and she put her own address and phone number on each box to encourage customers to connect with her.

Her mission is to: “cultivate a happier and healthier world by spreading goodness through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct which is forever kind to the planet”



Deep River Snacks

A local-national brand of “good for you” chips

“When I started Deep River Snacks, I envisioned a company that gave back, that cared about its people and about doing what is right. Why do I give a chip? I’m inspired by my kids – one of my sons is on the autism spectrum while another son has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Crohn’s Disease. I’m inspired by my friends and coworkers – I’ve watched them battle leukemia, fight back after life-threatening accidents, and try to cope with the loss of close friends and family to cancer. These people whom I love motivate me to take action. And, while I can’t develop cures or save lives directly, I can use Deep River Snacks as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the organizations that can.

Jim Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Deep River Snacks (lives locally, works locally and produces delicious snacks locally)


DRS_2oz_Zesty11Deep River Snacks is more than just a bag of chips. We pride ourselves on doing right in everything we do. Why? Because We Give a Chip®! Learn more about some of our priorities below, and be sure to check out our Giving Back page too.

Made in the USA and proud of it! Our snacks are all grown and cooked in the US, and we strive to buy domestically for all other purchases – from packaging to displays – whenever possible to support American jobs.

Our production facility is the first LEED platinum snack food manufacturing plant in the world, using 30% less energy and incorporating a host of innovative, sustainable processes.

We exclusively use Non-GMO potatoes, corn and sunflower oil, and other ingredients whenever possible. Look for our
Non-GMO Project Verified snacks, and check for updates as add to this list. Increasing our use of organic ingredients is also a priority as supplies become more available. Check out our Organic Popcornand Organic Tortillas.

We use sustainable materials whenever possible in the packaging, production and marketing of our products. Our latest innovation:
recyclable signage made from 10% post-consumer content.